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S h e l l y @yagurlyshelly Artist and Twitch Partner | 26 | ♡ twitch.tv/yagurlshelly +18 patreon.com/yagurlshelly fanart: #shellyart mail: yagurlshelly@gmail.com Social Media Influencer yagurlshelly.carrd.co Joined August 2018 1,125 Following 26.5K Followers Replies Media Pinned Tweet S h e l l y @yagurlyshelly · Nov 20, 2022. S h e l l y @yagurlyshelly Nice to meet you My name is Shelly and I stream Art commissions for a living, I hope you like what you're seeing 🌸💜 5:21 PM · Nov 20, 2022·Twitter Web App 37 Retweets 223 Likes Oppose Lifeguard Vtuber @OpposeArt · 2h Replying to @yagurlyshelly proud to stand up and see all this gorgeous shelly work🧎‍♂️ 6 Journey Croix. Yandere girl art 🔪come say hi https://twitch.tv/yagurlshelly . 22 Apr 2023 16:58:54. Another phenomenal art piece smashed outta the park! 1. 1. S h e l l y. @yagurlyshelly. ·. 2h. Replying to. @Hamslammich. Your face is so squishy! GIF. S h e l l y. @yagurlyshelly. ·. Jan 4, 2020. Replying to. @prodege936. I'll squish you! 😳.