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24 avr. 2022 · The liability shift is extended to damages arising from the theft or loss of a card. For Visa, this liability shift is restricted to payments made by an unauthorized debit or credit card issued using the EMV chip. However, only if it was issued with an EMV-compliant chip. The issuer requires a personal identification number (PIN) for. 7 janv. 2022 · NetSpend® Visa® Prepaid Card. Moving forward, one major problem that confronts fans when trying to subscribe to their favorite content creators, especially when trying to input their card, is the aspect when it says, “Successful Liability shift for the enrolled card has required.”. "Successful liability shift for enrolled card is required" when trying to resubscribe. So I'm trying to use a Vanilla Gift Visa card to resubscribe to somebody, but I got that message. I'm trying to figure out what it means, but I haven't seen too much about it online. Here, you can learn the reasons why you get 'Successful liability shift for enrolled card is required' error on OnlyFans. Check out the video for more detail. Why is Onlyfans showing you this message of “Successful liability shift for an enrolled card is required? First, this message is showing you because you are using a gift card to pay to Onlyfans. For all Onlyfans users who are dealing with the warning like “successful liability shift for enrolled card is required OnlyFans” they may not use a valid credit card If you use invalid credit card you will get such issue on Onlyfans So, the other option is to use debit card or virtual credit card by Visa.