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That would explain the removal of Jubilee in his twitter and YT. The MBF would be postponed due to obvious roster drama and obvious reasons if this is indeed what happened. The hiatus would be to get over it (losing your fiancé would be quite hard) and possibly moving. I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE THIS CLEAR THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED AND PLEASE DONT TAKE ANY OF THIS AND SPREAD IT TO START FAKE RUMORS!. I'm making a pokemon region based on Canada (almost) All the pokemon in the dex (in this image) have a reason for being there, ask me any questions if you'd like. 245. 241. r/MandJTV. Join. To explain the gastrodon Sw/Sh dex entries. r/MandJTV • Which gym leader did you find most difficult? Mine was Ryme because I was NOT prepared for a double battle. r/MandJTV • Help. r/MandJTV • what do yall guys think of my dream t. NEW r/MandJTV REGIME! Hello members of r/MandJTV ! My name is Katie aka MandJTV's editor. After the last Meme Review, we have decided this subreddit hasn't really been following the rules for a bit now, especially rules #2 (Posting Standards) and rule #8 (Off-Topic/ Non-Memes). We love to see funny, relevant memes related to Mikey, his content. Alright so I fully understand the twitter drama and the 2 week hiatus for PR control. But it’s after that I get lost. Since then he still has his twitter plugged in his YT and this subreddit banner, however @MandJTV_Michael the original was deleted and I don’t know whether the new one is him or not, 0 tweets, one comment. Rules of r/mandjtv. We can make Miltank memes again look no more no miltank memes in the rules. OMG. 1. 4. 4 comments. Best. Add a Comment.